Round Shank Needles

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DBxK5 Round Shank

This needle was designed especially for the industrial embroidery machine. This needle has a one size larger eye than found in a 16x257 needle. A larger needle eye, without increased blade diameter lets embroidery thread pass through the needle's eye without fraying or snapping. Available in both regular point and ball point (BP).

Item Number: #537 (#65/9) - perfect for micro embroidery
Item Number: #538 (#75/11)
Item Number: #539 (#80/12)
Item Number: #1767 (#90/14) - perfect for metallic threads
Item Number: #895 (#70/10 BP)
Item Number: #533 (#75/11 BP)
Item Number: #907 (#80/12 BP)

DBxK5-PD Titanium-Nitride Coated Round Shank (Gold Colour)

PD needles have a titanium-nitride ceramic finish which makes them more wear-resistant than any other needles. When embroidering large stitch patterns or penetrating very abrasive, dense or tough materials the needle points and surface will maintain its origianl shape and dimensions 3 to 5 times longer. PD needle points will not wear down as fast as chromium plated needle points. The use of PD needles gives you longer needle life, fewer defects due to "dulled" needle points, and increased productivity.

Item Number: #t-1767 (#90/14) - NEW end May 2021

DBxK5-Z1 Round Shank for Embroidery Machines

Also fits Janome MB-4 and Melco EP-4. This is a modified version of the DBxK5 needle. It has a side scarf, long extended groove, longer deeper scarf and slim Xtra Light Ballpoint. The side scarf allows less interference between the needle and the rotary hook. The long extended groove provides more protection to the top thread. The longer deeper scarf allows the hook point to be adjusted closer to the center of the thread loop and allows for variations in registration from one needle position to the next. The slim point reduces penetration resistance for smoother piercing of the material. This all adds up to smoother, sharper embroidery.

Item Number: #1752 (#75/11)
Item Number: #1753 (#80/12)
Item Number: #1754 (#90/14)

DB-K5-SS Round Shank for Embroidery on Leather

The DB-K5-SS needle has all the eye features of the DBxK5, but the point has a very narrow wedge to make penetration through leather, vinyl and similar materials easier and neater. The very narrow wedge point "slices" through the leather-like materials while making a cleanly cut needle hole.

Item Number: #151 (#75/11 SS for leather)

DPx5 for Long Arm machines

Brought in by popular demand. Please check your manual to see which needles your long arm machine requires. Also known as 135x5 and 134R/1955.

Item Number: #dpx5-16 (#100/16)