Embroidery Stabilizers

Marathon Threads Canada stocks embroidery stabilizers, Cloud Cover Stitch, Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 & Double Sided Tape. Visit our Helpful Tips page for information on stabilizing your embroidery!
Please note that stabilizer widths may vary by approx. ½".

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** All stabilizers are white unless otherwise specified. **

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Black Cutaway #EB625

Brought in due to customer demand. This is a soft feel medium-heavy weight 2.4 oz., 70g/m² non woven cutaway made from cellulose and polyester with needle lubricants to promote needle glide.

Item Number: #eb625-1510 (14½" x 10 yds) - new item #
Item Number: #eb625-2325 (23" x 25 yds)

Black Cutaway #EB625

Cloud Cover Stitch

Fuse Cloud Cover Stitch over the back of a finished design to cover scratchy stitches on the backside of embroidery designs. It is soft and sheer –ideal for baby garments, golf shirts, or tees. Anywhere to avoid a scratchy irritant to the skin! Cloud Cover has a very unique multi directional stretch. It bonds at a moderate temperature with your fabric but will in no way adversely affect the bulk or drapability of your garment. It is also used on silks and satins in order to arrest any unraveling or shredding while sewing. Iron should be set at 300 F or wool setting, iron for 8-12 seconds with a press cloth on top. DO NOT USE STEAM! Note: Cloud Cover Stitch is not a stabilizer.

Item Number: #cloud-10yd (11½" x 10 yds)

Cloud Cover Stitch

No Show Nylon Mesh

Soft, drapable, and almost invisible! Also available in a FUSIBLE version!

Holds more stitches! It is perfect for left chest logos, pique knits, T Shirts, infant items and microfiber apparel. 1.5 oz.

By fusing the stabilizer to the back of the garment, the fabric will not move or stretch leading to better registration. The stabilizer is temporarily attached to the entire area where the embroidery will be stitched eliminates the use of messy spray adhesives which only "spot" tack and allow shifting of the fabric and are quite messy leaving residue on needles hoops and machine parts. We use a low melt fusible –260 F so as not to scorch or shrink your fabric. One layer should support 10-12,000 stitches of a moderately dense design. If you add a midweight tearaway as a sandwich it can hold an even higher stitch count!

NON-fusible: available in White, Beige & Black
Item Number: #1531 White (12" x 25 yds)
Item Number: #1687 White (15" x 10 yds)
Item Number: #1669 White (15" x 25 yds)
Item Number: #mesh-be Beige (12" x10 yds) => sold out
Item Number: #mesh-bk Black (15" x10 yds) => new June 2021

Item Number: #c304-1510 White (15" x 10 yds)
Item Number: #1691 White (15" x 25 yds)

Diagonal No Show Nylon Mesh












nylon mesh 3 clrs

Water Soluble Topping Film

Embossed Water Soluble Topping Film
Heavier weight film so it is easier to handle, less flimsy. Non-toxic, fully biodegradable. Ideal dissolving temp is 15°C.

30 cm x 50 m, 25 um – Item #film-3050-25 **NEW end Feb. 2023

Embossed Cold Water Soluble Topping Film


Fusible SF-1

Non woven, fuses on under side, removes by gently peeling back and cutting away. Light weight, 1.4 oz - 40g/m²

Item Number: #335 (22" x 100 yds)
Item Number: #1774 (15" x 25 yds)

Fusible SF-1

Heavy Weight Cutaway #C-82HD - available in black and white.

Brought in due to customer demand. Similar to our C-71A only heavier. Soft feel, will replace our C-71A. Perfect for dense designs. 82g/m²

Item Number: #c82-1510 (15" x 10 yds)
Item Number: #c82-1550 (15" x 50 yds)
Item Number: #c82-2250 (22" x 50 yds)

BLACK => NEW early January 2022
Item Number: #c82b-1510 (15" x 10 yds)
Item Number: #c82b-2225 (22" x 25 yds)

Fusible SF-1

Fusible SF-1


Light-Medium Weight Cutaway #c-62

Soft feel for knitted fabrics! 2.2 oz., 62g/m²

Item Number: #461 (15" x 50 yds)
Item number #c62-1510 (15" x 10 yds)


Light-Medium Weight Cutaway #c-62

Tearaway - available in different weights & in black and white.

Non woven, remove by tearing away after use.

Item Number: #t43b-1510
(T-43, 15" x 10 yds, 1.4oz., Light Weight, 43g/m²)
Item Number: #t43b-1550 (T-43, 15" x 50 yds, 1.4oz., Light Weight, 43g/m²)


Item Number: #t43-1510 (T-43, 15" x 10 yds, 1.4oz., Light Weight, 43g/m²)
Item Number: #t43-1550 (T-43, 15" x 50 yds, 1.4oz., Light Weight, 43g/m²)
Item Number: #t43-22100 (T-43, 22" x 100 yds, 1.4oz., Light Weight, 43g/m²)

Item Number: #cnt80-4-60w (4" x 60 yds, 3.7oz., Heavy Weight, 125g/m²)
Item Number: #1775 (EM-80, 15" x 10 yds, 2.8oz., Medium Heavy Weight, 80g/m²)
Item Number: #952 (EM-80, 22" x 50 yds, 2.8oz., Medium Heavy Weight, 80g/m²)


Press & Tear

Replaces our Peel & Stick stabilizer. Easy Embroidery for those hard to hoop items!

For optimal use, please slow down your machine, use a SILICONE or TEFLON spray on your needles. We also highly recommend using a titanium needle.

Press & Tear is a needle friendly pressure sensitive adhesive tearaway stabilizer. It allows you to embroider those hard to hoop items with rarely any residue on your needles. Perfect for those difficult jobs like: CD Cases, Cooler tops, heavy towels or blankets, collars and cuffs, socks, and heavy jackets or anything that is difficult to hoop.

Even tiny baby socks are easy with Press & Tear. You hoop the stabilizer, not the sock! Just place the stabilizer in the hoop, release the paper backing, and lay and smooth out the baby sock. Pin back the additional sock area out of the way and you have a smooth surface ready to embroider. When finished just release the embroidery, and remove any excess from the back. Releases with ease, but holds perfectly while embroidering.

The stabilizer is a 1.5 oz, dense, "wet laid" non-directional, non-woven tearaway that contains needle lubricants to promote needle glide and reduce sticky build up. It tears away cleanly and easily leaving none of the fuzzies behind. Eliminates the use of spray adhesives.

Press & Tear Directions
  1. Place one piece of Press ad Tear in the embroidery frame with the release paper side facing up.
  2. Score the surface or the corner of the release paper.
  3. Peel back the paper to expose the pressure sensitive adhesive sticky surface.
  4. Stick down the item to be embroidered and pat and smooth out any wrinkles.
  5. Stitch away.
  6. Remove the stabilizer excess stabilizer by gently tearing it away from around the design.
  7. If you have a high or dense stitch count –above 6,000 or so stitches, you can "float" an extra layer of regular tear away underneath your stitching area.

Item Number: #press-9 (9" x 10 yds)

Item Number: #press-12 (12" x 10 yds)

Press & Tear

Washaway/Tearaway (was Rinsaway) # EMB1720

Gives added stability without a bulky backing underneath it. Dissolves in warm or cool water with several launderings. 1.5 oz Tearaway.

Item Number: #1537 (12" x 25 yds)
Item Number: #1538 (15' x 25 yds) * new size


RinsAway Tearaway T110

H20 GONE - TP 500 -Wash-Away Cutaway #CW201 Water Soluble Stabilizer

  • Soft & Sheer
  • Stronger Than Films
  • Completely Dissolvable in Water
  • No Fiber Residue
  • Great For Free Standing Lace (FSL), Emblems, Napkins etc.
  • Perfect for fleece blankets
Wash-Away Directions:

Please test thoroughly prior to beginning any project.

  1. Before handling Wash-Away, be sure that hands and work area are completely dry.
  2. Cut piece larger then hoop. Hoop Wash-Away with or without article depending on application.
  3. If spray adhesive is needed, apply light coverage only where needed. Note: This may cause difficulty in the removal of Wash-Away if used too liberally.
  4. Embroider / Sew article.
  5. Trim excess stabilizer. Too dissolve remaining stabilizer, submerge article in liberal amounts of warm water and apply a slight agitation, or run through a delicate wash cycle. Due to hard water conditions, it may be necessary to repeat this step.

Item Number: #h-1225 (White, 12" x 25 yds)
Item Number: #h-1510 (White, 15" x 10 yds)
Item Number: #h-1525 (White, 15" x 25 yds)

Wash-Away Dissolvable Stabilizer