Marathon Threads Canada stocks accessories for any embroiderer or sewer.

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Adhesive Tape, Double Sided

Our double sided adhesive tape is used to hold down appliqué to be sewn or embroidered, without leaving hoop marks. Great for hard to hoop items. Just hoop stabilizer and use double sided tape to stick item down (around the outside of design area but not on hoop).

Item Number: #191 (12 mm x 25 mtrs/roll)

Item Number: #949 (12 mm x 50 mtrs/roll)


Adhesive Tape

Bobbin Case, Size L

NO-BACK-LASH bobbin cases are designed with brake springs putting constant, light pressure on the bobbin when machines stop and start, preventing unravelling and tangling of bobbin thread. Fits: Tajima #M1058B-NBL, #ME0503000NBL, Barudan #B-0170NBL, #KF220440, #2244FO, Melco #001545-01NBL, #006919-01, Meistergram #P810005NBL, Eltac #2-20NBL, Happy #B3005NBL, Toyota #2161004-301NBL, SWF/E-T1501C

Item Number: #600

Bobbin Cases

Silicone Bobbin & Spool Accessories

  • Made from high quality silicone

  • 4 mixed Colours per jar

Bobbin Holders

  • 20 pcs per jar
  • store your thread & matching bobbin together

Bobbin Holder 3 stages
Item Number #hold



Bobbin Clamps

  • 20 pcs per jar
  • prevents bobbins from unwinding;
  • best for size A (class 15) & size L bobbins

Bobbin Clamp
Item Number: #clamp


Thread Spool Hugger

  • 12 pcs per jar
  • prevents thread spools and mini-king cones from unwinding

Thread Hugger
Item Number: #hug





Bobbin Holder






Bobbin Clamp







Thread Hugger

Versatile Bobbin Storage Box

Translucent polypropylene box with removable sections. Great for small supplies such as seam rippers, needles, etc. Small enough to put in your purse. 13cm long x 7cm wide x 2.2cm high. Please note that the bobbin storage box does not come with the pre-wound bobbins and needles shown in the picture.

Item Number: #box

Bobbin Box

Bobbins, Aluminum, Size L (M1057BA)

For embroidery or sewing machines.

Item Number: #661


shown larger than actual size


BobbinSaver™ Universal Bobbin Holder

Shaped like half of a bagel and hollowed out, it is made of flexible rubbery plastic that expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it. Threads won't tangle or unwind. BobbinSaver™ holds over 20 bobbins securely. BobbinSaver™ is a simple elegant gadget to store any kind of bobbin. Unit measures 3/4" tall and 5 1/8" diameter.

Item Number: #saver

BobbinSaver™ Universal Bobbin Holder

Incredible Tape

This tape is the best thread preserver! It keeps threads from unwinding. It works using static cling and doesn't leave a glue residue. It is durable, reusable, versatile and has many other uses. Marathon's Incredible Tape can also be used for wrapping all kinds of spools (thread, wire, string), hold books open, keep luggage closed, seal boxes, keep quilt pieces and strips organized, indoors or outdoors, wet or dry. You can even write on it or wash it. Hundreds of uses! Available in 50 foot rolls, two widths.

Item Number: #942 (50 ft/roll x 1 ¼" wide)
Item Number: #943 (50 ft/roll x 2 ½" wide) => sold out

Incredible Tape

Lobster Claw

Flexible elastic cord and sturdy clip. Great for attaching your scissors or clippers to your sewing table or machine so they don't fall and break or walk away! Length is 34" long (not stretched). Available in red, fuschia, blue or black. Choice of color may not be available.

Item Number: #claw-logo (old stock number 1696)
Item Number: #claw-no logo

lobster claw

Needle Precision Oiler

The perect metod for pin-poit distribution of oil. The stainless teel needle tip puts a small drop of oil exactly where you want it. It is leak-proff and the squeeze tube is made of clear plastic. The cap contains a "pocket clip" for easy convenient carrying and storage. Comes pre-filled with sewing machine oil.

Item Number: #oiler (old stock number 1667)

Quilting Clips

Size: about 2.7 cm long (just over 1” long) x 1 cm wide

The clips are marked with 5mm, 7mm and 10mm seam allowance.

50 pcs per zip lock bag, 1 colour per bag

Available in 6 different colours:

  • Item Number: #clip-pk pink
  • Item Number: #clip-b blue
  • Item Number: #clip-pur purple
  • Item Number: #clip-r red
  • Item Number: #clip-y yellow
  • Item Number: #clip-g green

Retractable Tape Measure

Retractable Tape Measure

Hangable Quilting Clips

- clips as above but with a hole to hang it on a nail or hook or to hang small wall hangings

Size: about 3.7 cm long (just over 1” long) x 1 cm wide

The clips are marked with 5mm, 7mm and 10mm seam allowance.

50 pcs per zip lock bag

6 assorted colours per bag (as pictured on right): red, yellow, green, purple, pink & blue

Item Number: #clip-h

Retractable Tape Measure

Medium Size Quilting Clips

Size: about 3.3 cm long x 1.8 cm wide

20 pcs per zip lock bag, 1 colour per bag

Available in 4 colours:

  • Item Number: #clip-mpur purple
  • Item Number: #clip-mb blue
  • Item Number: #clip-my yellow
  • Item Number: #clip-mpk pink

Retractable Tape Measure

Retractable Tape Measure

Tape Measure, Retractable

This retractable fiberglass tape measure has metric measurements on one side and imperial measurements on the reverse side. The tape measures 150 cm (60" long), 7.5 mm (5/16") wide. Perfect to take along with you as its only 5 cm (2") in diameter. ABS plastic case.

Item Number: #1758 (with logo)
Item Number: #1759 (without logo)

Retractable Tape Measure

Thread Stand

Provides home users with a way to save on purchasing your threads in larger cones and still use them on your machine. This works perfect with our Cotton-Look 100% polyester serging, sewing and quilting thread above. Use this stand behind your sewing machine and place larger cones on the stand. Feed the strand of thread up through the top of the stand and thread through your machine as usual. Has metal base and sturdy construction.

Item Number : #stand2 (double thread stand)

Click here to view assembly instruction on our double thread stand: ASSEMBLY




The WALKa$AFE serves as a money belt but has easier access and we think is located in a safer place - you wear it under your sock. Every time a tourist is held-up, the first thing they look for is a money belt. The WALKa$AFE is designed to protect your valuables. It has easy, secret access (unlike a money belt). ). The WALKa$AFE has 2 zippered pockets as well as 2 other pockets and a see-through window that a business card can be inserted into. The WALKa$AFE is easy to put on and take off with a velcro closure. Perfect to safeguard your travellers cheques, money, credit cards, ....

The WALKa$AFE is a good promotional item that everyone can use and appreciate - you can silkscreen up to a 4" x 4" logo on it. The WALKa$AFE is available in skin tone (beige) colour only. The WALKa$AFE is retail packed in a hanging box. Great stocking stuffer or gift for the frequent traveler.

Item Number: #250


Wonder Spool-Pin Spacer Kit


.. is an exciting new product that is intented for correcting problems with off-center core wobblin and gives better control of your spool of thread. Must be used with the Wonder Thread Guide.

The picture to the right shows the four pieces that you get when you purchase the Wonder Spool-Pin Spacer kit

Item #wtg spacer

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The picture below is of both the Wonder Thread Guide with the Spool-Pin Spacer kit and cone of purple thread.


Wonder Thread Guide

.Instant trouble-free embroidery

The amazing sewing/embroidery thread guide that totally eliminates tangling, twisting, thread pile-ups and breakage! Works with all threads including polyester, rayon, metallic as well as "sliver" type threads. Functions on all sewing/embroidery and quilting machines with spool-pin rods.

Item #wtg