Organ Brand Needles

Special orders welcome! Organ Needle was established in 1920 and has spent years perfecting their technology to manufacture high quality needles. They have worked closely with machine manufacturers to produce the best product for different manufacturers. Since Organ's philosophy is that a machine is only as good as the needle in it, needles must be changed often to enhance the performance of the machine.

Needle Tips

Did you know that changing the needle size or needle eye size will also affect:

  • The tension of the top thread.
  • The relationship of the needle from the scarf to the hook point of the needle.
  • How the needle penetrates the fabric.

Changing your needle to another size may alleviate some of the problems you may encounter when embroidering, quilting or sewing. A needle should be changed every 100,000 stitches for machine embroidery and about 8 hours of straight stitching.

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Organ Flat Shank Needles

Chrome and titanium finish flat shank needles for embroidery and sewing.

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Flat Shank Needles

Organ Round Shank Needles

Round shank needles for embroidery and sewing, chrome and titanium finish.

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Round Shank Needles

134MR FFB GEBEDUR GB needles

Groz-Beckert Titanium Quilting Needles

Also known as 1955 MR, DP x 5 MR.

Features of the MR needle:

  • For multi-directional sewing
  • The asymmetric thread guiding area in the eye facilitates – also when changing sewing direction – stable loop formation.
  • The very deep and long scarf allows the hook or looper to be positioned very close to the needle for optimum thread protection.
  • This provides high security against skipped stitches, reducing needle and thread breakage.

Item Number: #gb-776922  size 3.5 or #100/16, MR 3.5 NEW JULY 2020
Item Number: #gb-776932  size 4.0 or #110/18, MR 4.0 NEW JULY 2020


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