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Marathon Embroidery Thread

We have added a new colour Snow White.  This is available in 1000 m mini-king cones as well as 5000 m cones.

Item #7179-p for POLYESTER         

Item #7179-r for RAYON

New shipment arrived in June 2019

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Product Image

Our Standard White colour #2149 (polyester) is on the left and colour #7179-p Snow White is on the right in the above picture.

130/705H-E LP Embroidery Anti-Glue Organ Needle

This needle will reduce glue build-up on the needle thereby reducing thread breaks and skipped stitches.
in stock March 2020

Item #anti-11

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Product Image

Left-handed Scissor

8" long

In stock mid Nov. 2019

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Golden Eagle TC-805A Thread Clippers / Thread Snips

12 pcs per pack

assorted colours per pack.

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Embroidery Removal Tool - rechargeable

Every machine embroider should have one. Say goodbye to the wasted time in having to unpick your project with a seam ripper as this nifty gadget will get the job done in no time.

It can be operated as a corded or cordless device.

Now available in 2 different styles of rechargeable cordless units and 1 corded (not rechargeable) unit.

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Product Image

Product Image



Silicone Bobbin Clamp,
Silicone Bobbin Holder and
Silicone Thread Spool Hugger

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High Quality Quilting Clips with Metal Spring - 3 different types

- Quilting Clips

- Medium Size Quilting Clips

- Hangable Quilting Clips

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Product Image

Product Image

Glow in the Dark embroidery/sewing threads

1000 m per mini-king cone, 150D/2 100% polyester

Available individually in 8 colours and also in a boxed set.

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